Friday, October 20, 2006

Long walk

To my horror, Cleo doesn't fit into her paddington coat that I got for her at the end of last winter. Sasha's belly isn't looking any less turgid, either. So the pugs are now on a strict diet and exercise regimen. We've been going for long walks in the afternoon when I get back from work -- today was our longest yet -- wandering thru our hilly neighborhood. Too much exertion, I guess, because Sasha came to a screeching halt more than once, stopping dead in her tracks, pulling back on her leash, and looking at me, like -- mommy. are you serious.

Afterwards, the animals were so exhausted they passed out on the sofa. Sasha opened her eyes long enough only to pose for the camera.


  1. Poor Sasha. Such a hard life!!

  2. look at those big brown luminous eyes!

  3. I know, you can only barely make out her eye defects on the 2nd pic.