Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Sasha's care package

Sasha has an auntie and uncle in NYC who love her. She got an express mail package the other day with -- TREATS!

The girls knew instantly the little box contained something for them. Something edible. Sasha began to investigate.

Cleo dispensed with the feeble opening technique and decided to just get into it.

Clever girls figured out that if they slammed the box enough with their paws, the box would go flying, the top would fall off, and -- JACKPOT.

This is what the poor little box looked like after the pugs were done with it.

Sasha really enjoyed her little pug candy treat. She started licking the floor for crumbs.


  1. Look at Sasha's eyes. She is really excited. They had fun!!

  2. i'm glad our little gimpy girl enjoyed her treats so much. so studiously licking the bare floor, a mere inches away from a visible pile of crumbs. smarty.