Monday, January 15, 2007

Another post-dinner treat

We always feed the pugs before we eat. Because, well, that's the way of things in our house. So the full-stomach'd pugs hang out under our chairs during our meal, looking on with woebie eyes -- feed us feeeed us -- as if they did not JUST stuff themselves with Tasty Organic Kibble. Usually one of us caves to the silent pleading (Dave) and races around the house with choice bits, excitedly barking pugs at his heels.

The other night they got organic, sustainably raised chunks of hangar steak from Prather Ranch, cooked perfectly to medium rare.


  1. only the finest-trained ear could tell that the dogs are excited, instead of being tortured.

  2. sasha thinks: "not kobe? hmph. oh, very well."