Tuesday, September 21, 2010

And what does Sasha prefer?

Every time we return from the farmer's market, we are greeted by 3 very excited pugs. Cleo is excited to get some human attention. Deedee is excited because, well, that's just how she is. Sasha, on the other hand, is excited because she knows that we come bearing good things to eat.

As soon as the bags hit the floor, Sasha will peruse each carefully for the tastiest bits. Her fave are leafy greens -- doesn't matter what kind. This time it was kohlrabi.

There is quite a bit of ripping, shredding and general destruction of leafy produce.


  1. She is so excited it looks like her head is going to explode.

  2. hahaha she was so excited she didn't put on her "camera face". no, she brought the crazy face.

  3. i feel like i can fit a carnival ride inside that gaping set of jaws.