Thursday, September 23, 2010

The best place of all to sleep

If there is a pile of laundry (preferably recently clean), overly fluffy blanket or collection of clothes to be had, it's pretty much a guarantee that a pug will be in the middle of it. Even better is a giant pile of pillows AND fluffy blankets.

can you find the pug?

there she is! Sasha emerges from her comfortable burrow.

I do believe there is a puglet sister lying in wait. Ready to pounce and disturb the senior pug's slumber.

I don't know what Deedee is thinking here.

Poor Sasha. Only to be squashed by another over-affectionate sister.

Cleo does truly crave affection.

erp. too much.


  1. Oh Sasha girl, I feel your pain.My Sluggo is constantly all up in my space. It isn't easy being beautiful and wanted is it?

  2. sasha, our little waldo. deedee what is going on with your face, that isn't attractive.

  3. Awww! I love that they love to squish and sit together, all up in each others bidness.

  4. That is indeed the least attractive pic I have seen of Deedee.