Monday, September 13, 2010

Long holiday weekend, pug-style

It's a well-known, and well-documented fact that when the 5 pug cousins get together, there's just one long continuous feeding frenzy. where pretty much a portion of anything and everything that's edible gets divvied up between the pugs. What's perhaps less known, is that the pugs' humans also like to do a fair amount of continuous noshing as well.

I will just say -- uncle Kevin and the farmer's market, and leave it at that.

We also like to follow EST rules for cocktail hour -- as Alan Jackson croons -- it's 5 o'clock somewhere.

An evil-looking but tres fruity concoction called 'alien urine sample'

The ingredients to this scary-looking drink, yes, we own a full size bottle of malibu rum, what of it.

Mustn't forget liquid nourishment made with small batch rye from NY

All that is more than enough to tucker out a pug.


  1. looks like sasha had a bit too much libation.

  2. That alien piss is giving me a hangover just looking at it!