Friday, September 3, 2010

The pugs' other fave activity

Sleeping. True, a distant second to eating, but as compared with, say, getting their nails cut, it is definitely one of the winning activities. Especially when it can be done, draped over a beloved human.

this human seems particularly comatose. all the better to nap with u.

Sasha, miss super-private, shows disdain for her needier sisters. A true princess pug does not show weakness.

how daahhhhr u wear ur heart on your paw

I'm thinking that Cleo and Deedee are way too unconscious to care.


  1. Oh Sasha,
    You have got the right attitude!!!
    I like the way you think! You should come over and join the Sunflower Club. Your sisters can join too. It's all girl, not exclusive to just we queens!

  2. too cute to be true. what lucky pugs.