Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A bit more than Cleo bargained for...

Cleo has made it quite clear that her fave spot is in a lap. Her whipped cream and cherry on top is if she also gets to rest her noggin on the dinner table. She will actually go thru a ridiculous amount and painful-looking degree of body contortions in order to get her chin on the table edge.

ah, success

Of course, what a puglet must always keep in mind is the price she must pay for being on said lap. If, for example, the lap is her dada's, she can be assured of loving and gentle pats. If, in contrast, the lap is her mama's, she needs to gird herself for extensive and aggressive kisses.

i am being encapsulated with luv

And, if said lap is auntie Vanna's, she should ready herself with an oxygen mask.