Monday, January 24, 2011

One small step for Deedee...

... one giant leap for pug-kind!

Our littlest puglet has always had a problem with steps. We don't know why, although we think she may have had an un-witnessed spill or two. SO SURPRISING, since Deedee is such a well-trained, genius pug in every other aspect.

This minor problem with stairs affects us multiply on a daily basis, since she is unable to navigate the steps in our house, on her own. Which means that we have to carry her up and down floors, and she lets us know when she needs a lift by sharply yarping at multi-decibel levels.

The last time the pugs' grampa came to visit, he got so fed up, I mean, his heart just broke for the pathetic little animal. So he went online and generously bought these great carpeted stair covers.

They're actually quite plush underfoot. and they have these clever rubber backings, so that they don't slip when you walk on them.

We have several steps in our house, but we started with the one. Success! Kind of.

1 comment:

  1. deedee!!! what a good girl. your grampa sure spoils the heck out of you.