Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A car ride!

The pugs get so excited when they know we're going to 'GO FOR A RIDE??!!' They all race each other down the stairs to the garage, yipping excitedly the whole way. and then whine in front of the garage door, hopping from foot to foot, looking at me, like -- come ON mama, let's go let's go letsgoletsgoletsgo! and practically fall over each other in their exuberance to be the first into the car. and then.... promptly fall asleep as soon as the engine turns on.

What is so exciting about this car ride, pugletinis? because you could have done this at home.

u would never understand mama it is a pug mystery


  1. Ah, yes it it. I wish Sluggo and Brigitte got it. They spend the entie ride trying to get in front with mom and dad.

  2. a true jumble of pugs. they love being on the road.

  3. Our pups get SO excited when you ask them if they "wanna go somewhere?" but Gus drools like a maniac when he gets in the car- he's deeply unsettled by the experience.

  4. I love how they are all stacked on each other and smush themselves into a pile!