Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Le Grande Dame

So the other night, I was accosted by a pug looking to snuggle up like a heat-seeking missile. I just assumed that it was Cleo. and was shocked to look and see Miss Greybeard Sasha looking at me, with her very white, very distinctive eyebrows.

Sasha, you are old

Sasha doesn't know where the time has flown. She was only just yesterday a frisky puppy, chewing all the wallpaper off of her gramma and grampa's house and knocking wineglasses off of kitchen tables. Now she is toothless, half blind and deaf.

i must shield myself from the harsh truth


  1. Oh, Sasha! You are aged, like a fine wine. Richer, sweeter and more complex. When will these young ones learn that they must turn to their elders for all the wisdom we have to offer! I think you are perfect!

  2. sasha, you are our grande dame.

  3. Yeah, but think of all the benefits of being a little, um, "aged". You can totally fake not hearing the human calling you, and people will give you more treats since they figure, heck, what can it hurt? Rock it is what I say.

    Kitty and Coco

  4. Aw, poor Sasha - we love you!