Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Manhattan Pugs were here for a visit!

I am terrifically lax in posting pics from our visit with the hairy-ass, em I mean, supper cuddly pug cousins from NYC, Bunni and Rikki!

I will just note, briefly, here that fawn pugs apparently possess 2 coats (an undercoat and incredibly profligate outer coat), while black pugs make do with just one. Not a great survival trait for black pugs in the frost-bitten woods of the wild, but also essentially unnecessary for pampered fawn pugs in urban environments whose last forage foray can be summed up with 'poached asparagus or raw?'. From what I can tell, the main purpose of the fawn double coat is to reduce The One Whose Job It Is To Vacuum, to tears.

Note aside. We, and the Deedles, LOVE when the cousins (and their mama and dada) visit. There's nothing like having a pug stashed in every corner. Deedee, in particular, is just delirious with finally being able to frolic with a non-geriatric pug.

To the casual observer, it may look like Deedee is just getting the crap beaten out of her, but look closer:

Look at that pug grin.

i am happiness in a bucket


  1. that was a very happy playtime.

  2. OK, WHAT?? Are you telling me that black pugs really only have one coat? Oh dear. Mom may be looking into a black pug in the future. I shed like EVERYWHERE. Boy oh boy was that a shocker when I first came in. hahaha.

    Kitty and Coco