Thursday, September 13, 2012

2nd day of the doggie hospital

Although it kills me to not have my Sasha with me, I know that she's in great, capable hands.  Last night, Sasha bled internally some more, and her blood counts dropped to the point where she needed a transfusion.

Little girl was working so hard just to breathe.  She was so weak and out of it,  that I wasn't even sure she recognized me, despite the shnergles.

Sasha perked up a wee bit after her transfusion.  Her blood count and blood pressure went back up, and she was actually hungry.  Ravenous, in fact.  She literally face-planted in the plate of food a nurse brought to her.  

At this point, we can only see what the next day brings.  


  1. the first two pictures broke my heart. i'm so happy that she showed some vigorous interest in food and that she's perked up a bit. i hope this continues. sasha we love you so much.

  2. Oh, Sasha.... please get better very soon. Our heart breaks for you and your pawrents. More hugs.

  3. Gosh, you really can see how much she perked up. Cherish those moments of perky face Sasha and snergle to your hearts content. Sorry Sasha, but your Mom gets snergle rights right now. Get well prayers for you little missy.


  4. Poor, sweet girl! Keep feeling better Missy!

  5. Sasha
    I am so glad you got a little hungrys and ate some foods.
    We all love you