Monday, September 17, 2012

Emotional roller coaster

Sasha had another setback this past weekend.  Her breathing started to become difficult, with her little body struggling to make each breath count.  Turned out she had a pneumonia on top of everything else.  And she was refusing to eat.  We saw our baby girl working so hard, it broke our hearts.

After weeping all night and day over whether or not to say goodbye, we made what we thought would be one of our final visits to the hospital.  And found that Sasha had turned the corner.  Little puglet was alert and looking for her dada.

So, we watch and wait another day. 

She's still not eating, though.  Which is so alarming to see in a pug.  We watch each potential bite with such hope.


  1. Oh Sasha
    We are all hoping you will feels better.
    Do you want a little bite of foods?
    I know you were so happy to see your dada and momma- they love to see you too.
    I am holding your paw Sasha.

  2. hi little girl, wouldn't you like a little bite of cheese? we are thinking of you.

  3. I can't imagine how hard it is for you, not only to be going through such a difficult time, but to document it. I know it's strange, but I for one really appreciate it. I feel so invested in your pups after reading about them for years. Sasha is on my mind everyday; wondering how she is doing, and praying for you all. Keep up hope, she's trying so hard! I'm praying she gets there!

  4. Iam praying for her.

    A blog friend

  5. I agree with Katie 100%. Thanks for keeping us updated because we all really appreciate it. We love this girl!