Saturday, September 15, 2012

Slowly letting go

No pictures today, because we want to remember Sasha as she was, and not as she is now.

Her transfusion was successful, in that her blood counts remain up. 

Unfortunately, her failing kidneys are not responding.  She is quite weak, and has lost control of her bladder and hind legs.  She's lost so much weight, yet, she's refusing food.

Every moment we have now, where we can look into her sweet face and those big bright eyes, is a gift. 


  1. This breaks my heart... our hearts.... sending you big hugs, Sasha and her family!
    And Sasha's mama, please be strong as you have two other girls to take care of at home.

    We love you guys so much.

  2. All of your friends are circling around you and Sasha with love- we are right there too.

  3. I get so nervous every time I see one of your posts. I'm thinking of you and Sashababy everyday, and praying for the best. Know that we're thinking of you, and holding you all in our hearts!