Thursday, November 2, 2006

Ortho vets must make bank

This morning I dropped Sasha at the ortho vet's, uh, palace. His 'office' is so nice I could move in, and it would still be above my station. His preliminary impression from looking at her films was that she has degnerative disease but no fracture. He wanted to keep her that day to take some more films. Poor arthritic and wildly expensive pug.

His place was nice. Spacious office with wood trim, it's the only vet's office I've been in that doesn't reek like scared animal and antiseptic. He also has digital radiography for Xrays and CAT scans -- I mean, some human radiology groups can't afford that.

Like I said, amazingly costly pug.

1 comment:

  1. even under-the-weather, she manages to pose for the camera, and in the most sympathy-inducing manner, as if to say: look, look at my poor gimpy right elbow...does this lighting work for me?