Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Traveling pugs

The girls flew back with us to the East Coast for Thanksgiving. In preparation for their long flight, we made sure to get them evacuated, to get them hydrated, and ... to give them drugs. Last time Cleo was untouched by the amount of sedative we gave her, and so I doubled the amount on the way out.

Clearly, she was unfazed. I woke up from a sound nap in the middle of the flight to look down and see Naked Escaped Pug on the floor, looking up and patiently waiting for me to make room for her on my lap. So on the way back, we QUADRUPLED her dose.

Again. Totally unaffected.


  1. cleo probably thinks the drug is tasty and is wondering with eagerness when she can get some more. that first picture of her looks like she's melting.

  2. ps. the resistance must be a result of cleo's mutant powers, which she clearly possesses.