Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Visiting cousins

The puglets had a glorious long holiday weekend, romping around with their pug cousins, who were visiting from NYC. And when I say 'romping around', I really mean quality time. As in, not really spending any time together in the same room, but getting truly and thoroughly shnergled by every human in a 60 mile radius, in good measure.

This kind of 24-7 attention was just exhausting for the oft-ignored, usually abandoned fawn cousin pugs. They required intense recuperation.

Rikki could be dead in this pic. It's hard to tell.

Bunni still holds out hope that there's more of that sausage in the fridge.

I never said that sleeping wasn't a family activity. Sasha show the young 'uns just how it's done.


  1. the definition of the phrase "dog tired". so much sleepiness.

  2. do you see how rikki's back paws are all curled up towards the front? could anything be more precious?