Tuesday, January 11, 2011

BAD pug

As per usual, I ran some errands in the car, while toting around the pugs. Normally this is an enjoyable activity for all -- the puglets get all excited, the mama gets lots of love, and everyone is exhausted and happy at the end of the trip.

Well, never again is one of those stops going to involve any food shopping whatsoever. Because Cleopatra has these heretofore unseen retractable titanium opposable thumbs, a la Wolverine from X-Men, that she whips out as soon as I leave the car, in order to wreak maximum havoc.

I had placed a sesame bun in the (what I had apparently very stupidly thought) secure, latched, center console of the car. Lo and behold, upon my return to the car from one of my errands, I a) see Sasha licking her chops, b) smell a strong sesame scent in the air, c) find Deedee lapping up sesame seeds from the floormat, and d) cleverly deduce that Cleo has shredded my car in order to get at the sesame bun.

Cleo apparently extracted the bun, ate it, paper wrapping and all (who wants to see THAT when that comes back out), and shared a little with her sisters.

Oh, you didn't see the toothmarks, you say? Take another look.

They all had sesame breath.


  1. that is one fierce pug. i love the wolverine claws image--that's hilarious.

  2. She can get into anything

  3. Amazing! Oh the things we could learn from Cleo. But mom knows better than to leave us alone with food. The only thing we could compare to that feat would be when we demolished a loaf of bread in the few seconds it took mom to walk the 20 feet from front door to kitchen and back. We did not eat the plastic though. Although Tallulah did swallow a wad of Saran Wrap once.