Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

Another year, another set of resolutions. This year, the pugs will aspire to a reasonable set of goals. Or goal (singular), really, which is to obtain the maximum amount of treatage with whatever means necessary, be it excessive cuteness, excellent behavior, or sheer cunning and thievery.

A secondary goal will be to spread the word of pug love and good cheer, so that all in their immediate vicinity and beyond are aware of the Wonders of Pug.

Hm. This is not a good start to the New Year.

Does anyone cherish the image of Pug as a dissected frog?

At least Sasha is attempting to use her wiles -- suffer shnerglage for treats.

Deedee has already given up on her resolution (s).


  1. thank you for that lovely photo of cleo, which will be forever branded with perpetual, searing pain in my mind.

    happy new year!