Thursday, January 6, 2011

Let it Snow

So, yes, we are in the heart of that time of year again -- Ski Season!! Already Tahoe has had record-breaking snowfall, the drought is officially over, and, yes, little Susan, there IS a snow fairy! We and the pugs have already had the chance to experience the joy of playing in the white stuff, earlier in the season.

Which I don't actually have pics of, because a) it was really REALLY snowing hard and demmit my fingers get cold when I have to hold the camera, and b) I was laughing too hard at the pugs running around like puppies, trying to eat the stuff.

What I DID manage to capture is all the lounging around that occurred pre- and apres ski.

The sofa is clearly not soft enough. Sasha's delicate behind must also be cushioned with an additional blanket.

Cleo is happy to have a place on which to rest her little grey chin.

Deedee, I assure you, is still breathing.

Nothing like warming up with a multitude of pug in front of the fire on a snowy night!

1 comment:

  1. they look so comfy, and tuckered out. why doesn't sasha know that she can put her head down when she's sleeping?