Sunday, March 27, 2011

Dog-friendly park areas are being threatened!

The Golden Gate National Recreational Area has entered an open forum in which to discuss their currently (mostly) dog-friendly policy on their park trails and beaches. Most of their preferred alternatives involve changing off-leash/'voice control' policies to 'on-leash' access only.

However, one of the proposed/preferred changes is to completely disallow dogs on our favorite, local beach -- Muir Beach! as well as some other popular Park trails.

This is totally sacre bleu! the puglets love the beach, especially my darling geriatric Sasha. So on a hot day, when husband and I want to take off for the cooling waves to escape our non-AC house, we have to either a) abandon the pugs and leave them with a bag of ice to help cool 'em down, or b) abandon our escape, stay and swelter in the house, get cranky, fight and get divorced, instead.

The link is formidable, but the key chart summarizing the alternatives is on pages 5 - 11 on the 'Executive Summary'. Comments can be submitted directly through a link on the left of the page.

Please help get the word out to all dog-owners who would like to continue to enjoy the park, responsibly.


  1. oh no! sasha loves muir beach! that would be a tragedy. plus with the whole divorce and all.

  2. Not cool! Why are so many places so anti dog?!? I know PLENTY of children who behave way worse than most dogs. How about banning THEM from public places. I hope this doesn't happen! GOOD LUCK!