Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Big Pieces of Food come to visit

And there is much joy to be had in the Land of Pug. Because the 3 pugs know that as soon as the grandpugparents hit the threshold, there will be a continuous and delicious supply of previously forbidden treats. Like sausage. and buttered crumpets. and foie gras. Ok, not foie gras, but you know what I mean.

we will survey the garden with our grampa for comestibles

Deedee is willing to endure a fair amount of shnerglage in return for approximately one week's worth of calories.

i 'd better get a crapload of yummies for this good behavior

Cleo is happy to help her grampa do some computer work. He is somewhat technologically helpless, and who better than a pug to lend assistance?

grampa u forgot to dot ur i's


  1. cleo is such a good computer companion.

    deedee does look very expectant, doesn't she.

  2. Deedee, your look says it all!! hahaha. I hate it when the peeps get all up in my grill like that. Geese.

    Kitty and Coco

  3. The pugs offer much better tech support than India IMHO