Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Falsely accused

As I think I have clearly established, my pug-babies are of the black-furred variety. and yes, their fur does get all over everything, but as previously proven (ad nauseum, some may argue), that would be black fur.

So when I find WHITE fur scattered all over my patio furniture, I just assume that it's pug fur leftover from the amazingly prolific fawn pug cousins. I rant, I wail, I rent asunder some fairly old and disposable clothing, and I question of the heavens the necessity of granting fawn pugs such ridiculously floofy fur coats -- as I vacuum, vacuum, and vacuum again the offended sofa cushions.

Perhaps I was a bit quick to judge. Because the last time we whipped back the furniture covers, this is what we beheld:

Who is this, you ask? Why, it is some random cat, owned by some random neighbor, who has apparently adopted our deck as its home.

Needless to say, the puglets hate this cat. Woe to the cat who is left outdoors to roam, at jeopardy from the vengeful pugs.


  1. you've got a stowaway! see, everybody loves your patio furniture.

  2. I don't blame kitty- that is some swell patio furniture! Perfect for popping a squat!