Friday, August 19, 2011

Royal treatment

What the queen-bee pug wants, she gets. In this case, it's an extensive belly rub from the grampa. I'm pretty sure Sasha has mastered the art of mind-control.

Cleo and Deedee crane their necks around the grampa's lap, like they're waiting in line for their turn.

is that eau d'ear that i smell?

They'll have to wait for a long time before Sasha relinquishes her mind-meld.

it is! i will take a deeper whiff. perhaps a small slurp

Sasha would like the camera flash to stop, please.


  1. deedee certain finds ways to occupy herself doesn't she.

  2. Bahahahaha!!! Sasha, that look is hilarious!! Don't bother the queen for goodness sakes.