Thursday, August 18, 2011

I see nothing, I hear nothing

In Sasha's case, she really can't. As she's gotten older, she's preferred more and more the 'buried-head' position -- to shield her gradually dimming eyes from the light.

And now that her hearing is also fading, she's less and less aware of the outside world, enveloped as she is in this cottony silence. She doesn't hear the doorbell anymore -- no more howling at the UPS guy (he probably does not appreciate the reduction in pug cacophony, however). We have to make sure to thud the ground with our feet when we approach so as not to startle the geriatric pug. She misses out on little things, so sometimes I have to physically get her for treat-giving, even tho the other two are howling.

She's always be my little girl, my little grand dame.


  1. she is a regal pug. that last picture of her is really nice.

  2. Such a sweet girl. I can see the wisdom in her eyes. Sometimes it feels good to bury your head and not know a thing about the outside world. She must be dreaming about all her wonderful life adventures at those times.

  3. Poor baby girl! It's so sad when they grow older - but as long as she's happy and healthy (as can be) that's all we can ask for!

  4. Sweet, beautiful Sasha! You have a place of honor in your family, for sure.

  5. Isabelle and Sasha look so much alike sometimes! My Isabelle is deaf and definitely losing her vision, too. She is a remarkably light sleeper though. Very rarely can I get move and Isabelle doesn't open her eyes. And I don't leave her in a room by herself. The look on her face when she comes out of that room, looking everywhere for me, is heartbreaking. I give her a little scritch to wake her up so she doesn't wake up by herself. It was an adjustment for me to have a deaf dog, but we are all doing okay. Just like all of you.

  6. Sometimes I would like to tune out the outside world too..
    You are a good pug momma, and the ol' girl looks pretty darn happy to us.