Friday, August 12, 2011

Quick jaunt to the shore

For oysters. For the humans. Because Cleo is violently allergic to seafood (in that her GI system rebels and produces copious amounts of diarrhea). And it seems patently unfair to indulge the other pugs if one of them cannot partake. So they had to settle for artisan-made cheese and bread. Poor pugs.

Deedee is waiting for her share

Sasha really really really would like a nibble

Cleo is not even trying to be subtle

Of course, the pugs' wiles are only too effective on their grampa.

grampa is munching happily away, and all of the sudden feels the weight of 2 pairs of pug eyes boring into the sides of his skull

he makes his decision. and he looks around furtively to make sure he's not being watched.

I don't think it would've mattered if I'd also had a spotlight and movie camera in hand. The pugs still got their share.

Remember how I said the pugs would never be able to survive in the wild? I take it back.

quiet mama i am digesting


  1. grampa is so stealthy. and completely vulnerable to the wills of the pugs. that's some cool corn, by the way.

    deedee looks so statuesque and burly!

  2. I agree- that corn looks awesome!

  3. Three cheers for gramps! You gotta prey on the weak, right?

    Now you have us wanting corn...dang.

    Kitty and Coco

  4. oh boy, the shore! I am dreaming of the waves splashing against the shore. And corn! You got corn, how cool is that?! Grampys are such softies!