Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Grampa and Cleo = BFFs

I think that Cleo's fave person in the whole wide world is her grampa. No one else is able to dish out the bottomless love, cuddles and snuggles that this pug craves as her lifeblood. For example, it is not enough for this puglet to spoon herself with you when taking a nap. She needs to be half on top of your body, crushing one of your lungs.

grampa if u can still breathe i am not close enuff

She also requires almost constant contact -- and if it's in the form of belly, chest or ear rubs, all the better. Neither I nor the pugs' dada have that kind of attention span. Luckily the grampa spends the majority of his day in the supine position, which is perfect for the needy pug.

i am ready for another 24 hour nap, grampa


  1. Oh Cleo, Sluggo wants to know if there is room on your Grampas lap for him too?

  2. they were made for each other.